Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Think of a winter wonderland and you’ll often think of snow and ice – a magical setting all in white. This is a perfect theme for a winter wedding, but you need to be creative to find bridesmaids dresses to suit the theme. You’ll be the only one in white after all!

Wintery Colors

Silver is an ideal choice for a fabulously frosty effect. Choose a draped dress in a silky fabric for a cool, classic look.  Embrace the 80s trend with a velvet dress in shimmering shades of silvery grey. Or keep it fun in a silver brocade prom dress.

If silver doesn’t work for you, you can still capture a sense of this special season with delicate pastel shades. Use cool colors such as baby blue, lilac or mint green. Don’t be afraid to let your bridesmaids wear different shades – a combination of cool blues or light purples will look stunning.

For bridesmaids dresses with real star quality, you could even choose a deep shade such as a rich ruby red. The contrast with the wintery surroundings will add real drama, choose simple white accessories and white flowers for maximum impact.

Whatever color you choose remember that the fabric can really help to set the scene: Satins have a beautiful sheen, layers of organza can give a shimmering effect, or choosing heavier fabrics like velvets can make everyone feel cosy and festive.

Frosty Accessories

Don’t forget that your accessories can help you to give any dress a frosty finish.  Add sparkly accessories, such as crystal necklaces and gem-encrusted fascinators for a subtle touch of icy sparkle.  Or go all out and give your bridesmaids sequin-covered shawls.

A more subtle approach would be to use pearls. These neutral gemstones add a subtle shimmer that will complement any colour of bridesmaids dress.

Staying Warm While Looking Cool

The theme of your big day may be a winter wonderland, but don’t forget to keep your bridesmaids warm!  They won’t want to stand around outside for photos bare-legged so let them wear tights.  There are so many colours to choose from that you’re sure to find a shade to suit the outfits.

Boleros in fake fur will give a cosy winter look and help to stop the bridesmaids freezing.  Sandals are ideal for summer, but court shoes or shoe boots are a better match for wintery days.  You could even wrap them up in mittens and hats for fun photos – but let the girls take them off indoors!

It’s not hard to find bridesmaids dresses to suit a winter wonderland, have fun experimenting with colours and textures to find the perfect combination for your magical day.

This article was written exclusively for STL Weddings by Geoff Bogg. Geoff is the owner of White Lodge Fabrics, selling quality dress fabrics online.

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