Wedding Toast Etiquette

Toasting to the bride and groom is a wedding tradition that still remains intact today.

How to give them a great toast.

It’s a chance for close friends and family members to congratulate the newly married couple. It also gives the couple the opportunity to thank their guests for joining them on their special day. Wedding toasts are one of the main elements that make a wedding memorable, so it’s important to get it right.

Although most people are aware of wedding ceremony etiquette, they usually don’t pay much attention to wedding toast etiquette. This could wind up creating a disastrous outcome. Besides making it heartfelt and reasonably appropriate, guests should follow the guidelines listed below if they want to create a memorable, enjoyable toast.

Don’t ramble

wedding toast

Wedding Toast

While recounting funny or memorable stories about the bride and groom is perfectly acceptable, nobody wants to sit there and listen to someone go on and on about inside jokes and personal stories.

People are there to enjoy the wedding, not an hour long discourse. Keep the toast short and sweet and avoid using “inside jokes” that nobody understands.

Avoid inappropriate stories

Sure, there are probably several side-splitting, hilariously amusing stories about the bride and groom that many people would love to hear.

However, it is extremely inappropriate to bring up embarrassing or raunchy stories during a wedding toast.

You will not only embarrass yourself in front of an entire audience, but you will likely embarrass the bride and groom which is a huge wedding “no-no”.

Don’t use bad language

Even if you use bad language frequently in your everyday speech, make sure you clean it up for the wedding toast. Using foul language during your toast will not only award you awkward looks from the crowd but it also makes you sound classless. Not to mention, there are grandparents and young children in the audience that will likely be highly offended by your inappropriate language.

Don’t memorize your toast

While it’s good to practice and have an idea of what you want to say, don’t memorize your toast word for word. Simply know the gist of what you want to say and let your genuine feelings of the moment shine through. The bride and groom will see your sincerity and your raw emotions will touch the audience.

Never refuse to participate

Even if you are extremely shy and start sweating at the thought of speaking in front of a large group, it’s important to say at least a few words if you get called upon to make a toast. Simply saying “congrats” or “I am so happy for you guys” will suffice; but not saying anything will turn a sweat moment sour.

Don’t worry about forgetting your toast or dealing with nervous jitters. If you are relaxed and speak from the heart, your toast will be great. Guests enjoy listening to a sincere toast that’s short and sweet with spurts of humor; so inject your personality into the toast and end on positive note.

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