Top 10 Wedding Registry Tips

wedding registry

Wedding Registry Fun

We all love giving and receiving gifts.

To help you celebrate your nuptials and stock your fancy new pad, family and friends turn to gift giving.

Creating a registry is the best way to give your guests ideas of what you two will need.

It can sometimes become a head ache.

With that in mind, here are ten wedding registry tips to remember when making your bridal registry.

Our hope is that these tips will make the whole process fun and stress free.

Wedding Registry Tips

  1. Register sooner rather than later
    One of the first tasks you take on after becoming engaged is registering for wedding gifts.  Family and friends will be ready to buy gifts the instant he asks the question, so make the gift giving easier by providing a list of what you want or need.  There is no need to have the list completed this early, but a selection for guests to look through is a great idea.
  2. Register together
    These gifts are for you and your spouse, so head to the stores together.  Before grabbing the registry scanners and scanning away, take an inventory of things you will need and things you already have.  Also discuss the style you are both looking for in your home, and lastly, make it fair.  You could split up the final say with alternate items. (Since he’s the cook, he could choose the kitchen appliances, while you make the call on bedding.)
  3. Register for things you want
    Just because it is a wedding registry, you do not have to register for only china and flatware.  Because so many stores offer registries now, you can add in whatever it is that you think will make your house a home.
  4. Register for how you live
    It’s smart to steer clear of filling your registry lists with things you will never use. If you and your spouse are not the type to throw a formal soiree, then the crystal serve ware is not going to be for you.  In addition, be completely certain before you register for any monogrammed items.  You most likely won’t be able to return it once your name is stuck on it.
  5. Keep in mind store’s return policies
    It is a good practice to question a store’s exchange/return policy.  Just keep in mind the return and exchange timelines to more easily plan and control your registry.  The good news is that most stores that offer wedding registries are very accommodating when it comes to the needs of soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Couples.
  6. Register at all price points
    It is important to register for things at a wide range of price points:  under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200, and beyond.  This way your guests can choose gifts they can afford, without making anyone uncomfortable not being able to find a single gift.
  7. Register with your guests in mind
    You want your guests to be able be to get your gifts with easy, so make sure at least one of your registries is available online.  Consider the notion that not all guests order the same way, your registry should be available in all forms (in person, by phone, or online).
  8. Update the registry often
    Once a gift from your registry is purchased, the registry list will update.  This allows other guests to see what has already been purchased (and it also allows you to see what’s on the way!).  You will need to revisit your registry and keep it updated with more selections as guests make purchases to allow your guests have a range of choices.  A good rule of thumb is to have twice as many gifts on your list as guests at your wedding.
  9. Register for gift cards
    Who wouldn’t want to receive cash for a wedding gift?  Asking for money is often frowned upon in the world of wedding etiquette, so putting gift cards on your registry list is way to get around asking.  Most stores will allow you to include gifts cards on the registry, and you will be able to use them for the anything you may want and need.
  10. Remember to be thankful
    Let your guests know their gifts have arrived, and do so promptly.  For gifts received prior to the wedding, thank you notes should be sent within two weeks of their arrival.  For gifts received on or after the wedding day, notes should be sent within a month of your return from the honeymoon.  Be sure to include mention of the gift by name in each note.

Bonus Video: How to Register for Dinnerware

How to Register for Dinnerware

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