Top 25 Wedding Movies of All-Time (5-1)

What is your favorite wedding movie of all-time? Up to this point, our list of favorites has included the original Father of the Bride – new hits like The Proposal and Bride Wars – and instant classics like Mamma Mia!

We love wedding movies because they give us an opportunity to laugh and cry with characters that face similar struggles and triumphs. And while we are fully aware that movies are just that (movies) – it doesn’t hurt to take some time off from the stresses of planning a wedding for an evening cuddled up next to your significant other.

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Top 25 Wedding Movies of All-Time

5The Wedding Singer
No fun movie list would be complete without Adam Sandler, and certainly not a list of top wedding movies. In our opinion, this is one of Adam Sandler’s best films. The on-screen chemistry he has with Drew Barrymore comes forth as honest and truthful.

The setting of the 1980’s makes it a wonderful time period for cliches and inside jokes for those of us who grew up in the decade. The soundtrack is great too, capped off with a song that will make the heart of any woman melt.

4My Best Friend’s Wedding
One of the best romantic comedies of the 1990s, My Best Friend’s Wedding not only gave Julia Roberts a delightful vehicle for her crowd-pleasing comeback, but it further distinguished itself by avoiding the conventional plotting of the genre.

Director P.J. Hogan pulls off some hilarious scenes (like a restaurant full of people singing the Dionne Warwick hit “I Say a Little Prayer”) that could easily have fallen flat in the hands of a less talented filmmaker. It’s no surprise that this was a box office hit.

3My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding is an independent film written by and starring Nia Vardalos and directed by Joel Zwick. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

A sleeper hit, the film grossed $241.4 million in North America, despite never reaching number one at the box office during its release (the highest-grossing film to accomplish this feat).

We absolutely loved this movie, and we highly recommend it as part of all pre-marriage counseling programs. After the glitz and glamor of the wedding day, you’ll be faced with the reality of spending the rest of your life with your chosen mate. This film introduces the challenges of marriage in a humorous way. We highly recommend it.

2Runaway Bride
Runaway Bride is a family-friendly romantic comedy with a joyous ending that could quite possibly be one of the best movie endings of all-time. Julia Roberts plays small-town girl, Maggie Carpenter, whose marches down the aisle become a series of near “Mrs.” when she bolts before saying I Do.

Richard Gere plays Ike Graham – a cynical big-city newspaper columnist eager to write a tell-all story about Maggie… but the more he discovers about her – the more intrigued he becomes.

1Wedding Crashers
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have set the standard with this raunchy, laugh out loud, romantic comedy. The movie was so popular that it spawned real-life copycats, spin-off reality television shows, and YouTube remix videos.

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