Top 25 Wedding Movies of All-Time (10-6)

If you couldn’t already tell – we love wedding movies. The guy always gets the girl – the girl always has the wedding of her dreams. Its a wonderful life… in the movies.

You can’t expect your real life wedding to be absolutely perfect because something (no matter how small) – out of your control – will go against the grain of your perfect plans, but with a positive attitude and cheerful spirit, you can assure that no matter what – your wedding day will be enjoyed to the fullest. Because that is something you can control.

If you’re just joining us, you would be better served by starting at the beginning of our wedding movies list.

Top 25 Wedding Movies of All-Time

10Bride Wars
This 2009 romantic comedy directed by Gary Winick is quickly becoming a wedding movie classic. The film stars Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey and Kristen Johnston.

This movie makes you cry and laugh. Its a roller coaster of emotions and it highlights what friendships are all about.

9Sweet Home Alabama
This movie is about being true to yourself and having the courage to live your dreams – a combination that needs to be kept in balance. Reese Witherspoon plays Melanie Carmichael, a character who finds she has forgotten a lot about who she was and why.

But, of course, she rediscovers herself during a trip back home to Alabama. This feel-good movie is a joy to watch. We’ve watched it more than once.

8The Wedding Planner
We love The Wedding Planner. It’s very sweet and touching. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey have great chemistry – so much so that The Wedding Planner is by far one of our favorite Jennifer Lopez movies.

This film is a delightful light-hearted romantic comedy. Lots of laugh out-loud, “I can’t believe she did that” scenes and oh so plenty of heart-warming moments.

If you love While You Were Sleeping, Maid in Manhattan and Fools Rush In. Then you will love The Wedding Planner.

7Father of the Bride
The original Father of the Bride is one of the best wedding movies ever made. In this film, Vincent Minnelli proves his talent as a director and his masterpiece gives us Spencer Tracy’s greatest performance.

The film also stars a stunning Elizabeth Taylor who plays Kay whose thrifty father Stanley T. Banks (Spencer Tracy), is more than a little stunned at the price of her extravagant wedding.

A father in the middle of cakes, bridesmaids, flower ordering, presents, in-laws, invitations and trying to make sense of it all. Classic!

Classic Wedding Movies

While we couldn’t find a way to include every classic wedding movie from previous generations in our list of wedding movies, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention the following movies representing the best of years gone by.

The Quiet Man
An American boxer (John Wayne) returns to Ireland to live in peace, but his bride (Maureen O’Hara) and his bride’s burly brother pick a fight.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
It’s literally a family affair when a family of seven singing and dancing lumberjacks set out in search of love.

The Philadelphia Story
This charming and hilarious story of nuptial naughtiness catapulted Katherine Hepburn back into Hollywood’s good graces, but it was Jimmy Stewart who got the Oscar.

6Mamma Mia!
Longing to discover the identity of her true father before she exchanges her wedding vows, the daughter of a once-rebellious single mother secretly invites a trio of paternal candidates to her upcoming wedding in this feature adaptation of the beloved stage musical.

This big-screen version of the beloved musical features 22 classic ABBA hits. Star-studded cast includes Meryl Streep as Donna Sheridan, Amanda Seyfried as Sophie and Pierce Brosnan as Sam Carmichael.

The List Gets Better… up next #5-#1

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