Beautiful Spring DIY Wedding

A wedding held during spring is ideal if you are interested in doing everything yourself.

Start with the invitations!

With comfortable weather, cool, soft breezes, a profusion of blooming flowers, and an air of rebirth. Spring time lends itself to creating a simple yet beautiful and elegant celebration of a new, shared life. Spring wedding planning can begin with handmade invitations.

With proper planning, you can choose to make the invitations yourself using dried, pressed flowers to enhance them. If you want to keep a theme running from invitation to celebration, you can use the same types of flowers for the invitations as you will use for decorations during the actual party.

Spring Flowers

diy seating cards

Ignite your creativity.

Choose the flowers ahead of time, place them in between two sheets of wax paper, and then put them inside the pages of a book or under a heavy object to keep the petals flat. Let them rest and dry for a week or until they are ready.

Pick flowers with big petals to ensure that they will dry well and maintain their original shape. Once the flowers are ready, use a hot glue gun to glue them to card-stock paper.

Protect the flowers by gluing some vellum paper on top of them. The actual wording of the invitation can either be handwritten on the card-stock, for an ultra personal touch, or can be printed on another paper and then glued to the card-stock.

Venue Decorating

For the actual celebration, you can decorate simply and inexpensively. You can set up round tables with chairs for the guests. Cover the tables in long tablecloths that fit with your color scheme.

Low glass bowls can be placed at each table as centerpieces. Fill these with water, add some floating candles and colorful petals from your chosen flowers to the water, and you will instantly create an atmosphere of romance.

Strew some of the full flowers around the bowls and throughout the table to complete the look. You can also use this same technique to decorate the buffet table. Just use larger glass bowls at either end of the table or right in the center.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is not to be forgotten. If you want to keep the cake simple and elegant as well as consistent with the rest of your decorations, choose a cake with plain frosting then decorate it with the same type of flowers that you used in your invitations and the rest of the decorations.

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