Sell Wedding Items to Recoup Costs

Sentimental brides tend to put a wedding dress into mothballs.

Keep cutting those costs!

Just in case a future daughter or daughter-in-law wants to use it. They press a flower from the bouquet (or even dry the whole darn thing and pop it into a bubble frame). And they find other uses for any items that had to be purchased for the event. But if you’re not exactly the sentimental and you’re happy just having the photos and video from your special day…

Then there’s no reason you shouldn’t pay down your wedding debt (or garner some cash towards a down payment on your first home) by selling off some of the many items that are left over from your day of nuptials. Here are a few things that other couples preparing for an upcoming wedding might be looking for.

Wedding Dress

sell bridal dress

Recoup Wedding Costs

You might be surprised to learn that there is a big market for used wedding dresses, especially those that bear desirable designer labels.

A clever bride can actually make money on her gown by purchasing it used online and then reselling it for more than she paid.

As you may know, designer duds come and go pretty fast (with the changing seasons), so if a bride has her heart set on a discontinued dress that you happen to have in your closet, the value could definitely appreciate.

Engagement Ring

Combination engagement and wedding bands have become fairly trendy these days, but your husband may not have known your preference when he proposed. So if you have a spare ring that you don’t really wear, take it to a jeweler, a consignment store, or post an ad on eBay as a way to get back at least a portion of the money your hubby spent on it. If it’s just gathering dust in your jewelry box and you’d rather have the fun money, there’s no reason some other bride-to-be shouldn’t enjoy it.


You could offer your veil, shoes, handbag, hair clips, or other bridal accessories with your dress, but this strategy virtually turns these items into giveaways. Instead, sell them off piecemeal for greater profits or simply bundle them together like a grab-bag for the girl who wants one-stop shopping for these extras.


Vases, lamps, and other centerpieces are something that nearly every wedding requires, so if these items are packed in boxes in your garage, it’s time to sell them off. At the most you’d only want to save one or two anyway and there’s no reason not to unload the rest on a couple that could really use some discount fare for their own special day.

Table Settings

You may not have to purchase plates, glasses, and flatware for your wedding (since most venues or caterers will provide these items), but plenty of couples opt to buy their own linens (tablecloths, napkins, etc.) to save money or get the colors they prefer. As long as these pieces aren’t monogrammed you should have no trouble reselling them. And while garage salesĀ are probably loaded with similar items for less, you can get a bit more money by selling yours online (or via a garage-sale app like Rumgr), as long as linens are in pristine condition.

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