Romantic Road Trip Ideas

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to take a road trip with them.

Road trip on a budget!

If you’re an engaged couple planning your honeymoon, this can prove to be a really great option worth considering.

One of the main perks in going this route is that, on many levels, a romantic road trip can represent the perfect symbolism of what marriage is all about…

Winding roads, unexpected surprises…oh, and compromise.

By choosing to drive, it’s easier to see several different places, possibly in several different states, all in one trip rather than flying to just one location.

If this is something that you’re open to, but would like a few ideas on how to make it especially memorable, here are some things you could do:

What are your favorite romantic movies?

honeymoon road trip

Coast to coast honeymoon?

Some films ooze warm and fuzzy. Others are a bit more realistic, but still bring the look of love to your face.

Take out a pad, make a list of you and your beloved’s Top 10 favorites and consider building your trip around where those movies were based or filmed.

“The Notebook” was filmed in South Carolina.

“Serendipity” had characters based in New York and California.

“Love Jones” was filmed in Chicago.

The cool thing about many movies is that they use literal landmarks. Maybe you can have a little dessert at the real restaurant, Serendipity or you can recite a love poem to your sweetie at one of the many spoken word places in Chicago.

What’s your favorite book?

More specifically, do you like reading travel novels?

“A Walk Across America” (Peter Jenkins) chronicles his walk, literally, from New York to New Orleans in the early-mid 70s.

“Blue Highways: A Journey Into America” (William Least Heat-Moon) is hailed as another favorite. Or, maybe one of your favorite romance novels had a setting somewhere in America.

Once you’ve found the literary inspiration that you need, take an “All About Us” journal along the way and in no time, you may find that you have been documenting chapters of your own love story while on your journey.

Wanna be away for the holidays?

There’s nothing like spending the first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a married couple.

Maybe head to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Branson, Missouri for its annual Branson Area Festival of Lights. If you’d prefer to honeymoon in the summertime, Boston puts on a fantastic show with its Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular and Addison, Texas provides its own spin with what they call Kaboom Town. Pick up some ornaments or sparklers along the way and display them the following anniversary in commemoration of your honeymoon trip.

Take a Bed and Breakfast tour.

Spending a couple of days in a four-star bed and breakfast can be one of the most romantic things a couple can do and there’s many different ones in every state in the country.

If you want to drive along the East Coast, mark three that you’d like to visit along the way. If the Midwest is more your thing, the Hancock House in Dubuque, Iowa is considered to be one of the best. Perhaps there’s a gift shop in one them where you can bring a souvenir home.

Walk down memory lane.

Chances are, you and your spouse had different lives before the two of you met.

This may include being born in different cities and going to colleges in different states. Take a video camera along and record where you both attended elementary school and where you attended graduation. In seeing, live and in living color, one another’s past, it could be a sentimental and significant way to begin a great future.

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