How to Create the Ultimate Polynesian-Themed Wedding

Polynesian Wedding theme

More than just a lei

A wedding should be one of the most special occasions of a lifetime.

As a celebration of love and commitment between a couple, it should also be a fun way to express that couple’s personality and style.

Choosing a theme is a way to show your own passions and interests on the big day.

Whether you have been to a tropical Polynesian island in the past or you just love the idea of visiting one day in the future, it makes for a wonderful wedding theme.

Here are four ways to create the ultimate tropical wedding. Let’s get started!

4 Ways to Create a Tropical Polynesian Wedding

1. Wear Tropical Attire

The one way to make it clear that the wedding has a Polynesian theme is to wear tropical outfits that might be seen on the Polynesian Islands. Brides can choose to wear a more casual version of a traditional white wedding dress or even opt for a floral pattern in a white or cream to blend both the modern and the traditional.

Men can make the same compromise and don an aloha floral shirt with khaki or dark pants. Choose aloha floral prints dresses for your bridal party and encourage your wedding guests to wear tropical attire to set the scene.

2. Include Polynesian Decor

It is important to include some tropical decor in order to make it clear that the wedding has an island theme. Ideally you would have this wedding on a beach or near to a source of water like a lake or a pool.

Even if that is not possible, you can still create a tropical atmosphere with flaming tiki torches set up around the wedding venue. During a daytime event you can decorate the torches with flowers instead. Use fresh tropical flowers whenever possible for an island feel. Examples of Polynesian flowers include orchids or hibiscus.

3. Use Leis During the Wedding

Although traditional Polynesian weddings bear little resemblance to a modern wedding celebration, one thing they do have without fail is leis for the couple as well as all important guests. This is a great tradition to implement in your own tropical wedding.

The bride should wear a flora lei in colors that complement her dress and coloring. Men, on the other hand, will be most traditional if they wear a leaf lei made in the authentic style. As guests arrive to the ceremony, have bridesmaids or flower girls place a lei on each guest. This is a way to symbolize their importance to the bride and groom.

4. Polynesian Entertainment

No Polynesian tropical wedding would be complete without some kind of exciting and traditional entertainment during the reception.

If possible, it can be a great idea to have a tropical themed band instead of a DJ or modern alternative. For a reception that won’t ever be forgotten, arrange to have fire dancers or fire breathers perform. This is a tradition luau performance in Polynesia and is a wonderful way to celebrate with loved ones and bring an island feel to your wedding. Hula dancers are an alternative source of entertainment that can be perfect for a tropical celebration.

In order to have an authentic Polynesian wedding, these four things are incredibly important to have. Tropical attire, island decorations, leis for the ceremony and exciting Polynesian entertainment will ensure that your wedding is a tropical success.

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