Meanings of Flowers

Flowers are used to add beauty and fragrance to a wedding day.

Your flowers will set the color and tone for the wedding

At the ceremony, they should establish a theme and direct the attention of the guests onto the Bride and Groom. When choosing wedding flowers, you should take into account the size, architecture, and color schemes at the ceremony and reception sites. Traditionally, wedding bouquets were made of strong herbs (such as thyme and garlic) to frighten away evil spirits, and to overcome the scent from some people who did not bathe very often.

Today, flowers carried by the Bride and her Bridesmaids should continue the floral theme at the wedding ceremony. Good taste and seasons play an important role in the actual floral selections. Folklore, traditions, and the FTD have cultivated the following meanings for flowers:

Meaning of Rose Colors

pink flowers

What's your favorite flower?

Red Rose = Love
White Rose = Unity, or Purity & Humility
Yellow Rose = Joy
Orange Rose = Passion
Pink Rose = Secret Love, or Grace & Sweetness
Black Rose = Too scary to get into!

More Flower Meanings

Acacia = Friendship
Alstroemeria = Devotion
Aster = Elegance & Love
Baby’s Breath = Innocence
Basil = Hate (OUCH!)
Calla Lily = Magnificent Beauty
Camellia = Perfection & Loveliness
Carnation = Devoted Love
Chrysanthemum = Abundance & Wealth
Daffodils = Regard, Not Love
Dahlia = Dignity & Elegance
Daisy = Innocence & Romance
Dill = Lust (Can you say One Night Stand!)
Forget-Me-Nots = My True Love Is Yours
Freesia = Innocence
Gardenia = Purity & Secret Love
Gladiola = Generosity
Heather = Admiration
Hyacinth = Playful Joy
Iris = Faith & Wisdom
Ivy = Fidelity Marriage
Ivy with White/Red Flowers = Marry Me?
Lavender = Distrust (There’s a GREAT relationship!)
Lily (Yellow) = Gaiety
Lily Of The Valley = Happiness
Lily (All Others) = Majesty & Honor
Marigolds = Jealousy
Mint = Virtue
Morning Glory = Affection
Myrtle = Joy
Orange Blossoms = Happiness & Fertility, or Purity & Chastity
Orchid = Love & Beauty
Pansies = You Occupy My Thoughts
Ranunculus = Radiant, Charming
Rosemary = Remembrance
Sage = Wisdom, Great Respect
Speedwell = Female Fidelity
Stephanotis = Marital Happiness
Sweet Sultran = Felicity, Happiness
Tulips = Love & Passion
Violets = Faithfulness & Loyalty
Zinnia = Friendship & Affection

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