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Here are some of our most favorite Bridal Shower Poems.

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You can use these fun and entertaining poems to enhance the theme of your bridal shower.

Many of these poems go hand-in-hand with our Bridal Shower Themes and Bridal Shower Games.

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Our Favorite Poems for Bridal Showers

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Wishing Well poem
Recipe For Preserving a Spouse poem
Recipe For A Happy Marriage poem
Our Treasure Chest poem
Bon Voyage poem
Household poem
Bachelorette poem
Lingerie poem
Recipe poem
Garden of Delight poem

Wishing Well poem

Spices, detergents and gadgets galore,
You have several dozen, but still could use more.
If you could bring Just one of these,
Our bride to be You sure would please.
So wrap it in tissue paper
But your name do not tell,
It’s just a little something To wish her well.

Recipe For Preserving a Spouse

Be careful in your selection.
Do not choose too young,
and only such as have been reared
in a good moral atmosphere.
Some insist on keeping them in a pickle,
while others keep them in hot water.
This only makes them sour,
and sometimes bitter;
but even poor varieties may be made sweet,
tender and good by gathering with patience,
well-sweetened with smiles,
flavored with kisses to taste.
Wrap in a mantle of charity,
keep warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion.
Serve with peaches and cream.
When thus prepared they will keep for years!

Recipe For A Happy Marriage

Take plenty of Patience,
Blend smoothly with Love;
Fold enough Humor To season above.
Then sprinkle with Laughter,
And stir in some Praise;
Add Kindness and Tact for Those difficult days.
Mix warmly together With Trust, Faith, and Cheer;
Makes one Happy Marriage That mellows each year.

Our Treasure Chest

To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Here’s an idea we hope you like trying.
As we have all the little things we require,
Some money for bigger things is what we desire.
So pop a check in a card,
It really isn’t all that hard.
Place your envelope in our “Treasure Chest”
And we will shop for what is best.
Now that we’ve saved you all that fuss,
We hope you will come and celebrate with us.

Bon Voyage poem

Jason and Mary will be sailing away.
Honeymoons are expensive, let’s help them pay.
Rick and Susan are throwing a bash,
In lieu of gifts please donate some cash.

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Household Poem

Dear Sarah, You are entering a new ERA.
There will come a THYME in your marriage
when you find Mark is not always MR. CLEAN,
but don’t send out the S.O.S.
because he might VANISH.
Mark will always bring you CHEER
and you will find JOY,
so remember your PLEDGE
and give him your ALL.
To Sarah and Mark the Best of Luck
& Good Fortune in the years to come.
And may Mark always be your HONEY

Bachelorette Poem

Cathy will no longer be a Miss
All she desires is a little wedding bliss.
So please bring her a pair of panties
Lacy or silky, no matter how scanty.
And her wedding night will be more than a kiss!

Lingerie Poem

We’re all coming together
To share in Karen’s last days
Of being single and free
And her crazy girl ways
A shower we’ve planned
For March 3rd around four
Please bring her a ‘sexy’
That’ll make Donald roar!

Recipe Poem

Enclosed for you is a recipe card
To fill it in shouldn’t be hard.
Barb might like to try your favorite cake
or whatever it is you like to make.
So don’t forget the card on this special date
Fill it in now, don’t hesitate.
At the shower will be a recipe box to fill
So bring this recipe card, if you will.

Garden of Delight

Try and try with all your might
Think of a gift for the Garden of Delight.
They’ve purchased a home, the yard needs a lift
Please keep this in mind when selecting a gift.
Below are some ideas, just for a start
Be creative, have fun…choose a gift from your heart.
List some ideas, for example, shovel, rake, plants, wheel barrow.

Bridal shower poems help create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for the bride-to-be and her friends and family. Many of these bridal shower poems are meant to complement several popular bridal shower themes and games. If you know of a poem not listed here, please let us know so that we can share it with everyone.

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