Baseball Themed Weddings

Nothing shouts spring as clearly as the start of the baseball season – especially for those of us here in Saint Louis, Missouri.

busch stadium wedding

Don't get married on Opening Day!

We have a tendency to elevate America’s past-time to the Nth degree…

Add to this another World Championship, and it’s no surprise weddings at Busch Stadium are very popular in 2012.

There is even talk about making Opening Day a city-wide holiday.

I’m sure no one would argue otherwise, especially not those who spend days camping out for tickets.

So what do you do if you’re a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan and you’re getting married? For many, the answer is simple.

Baseball Wedding theme

Baseball themed weddings are growing in popularity because they allow the bride and groom to personalize their wedding day experience in a way that is truly unique, meaningful, and not to mention, fun!

Busch Stadium wedding

Many professional ball parks now offer wedding and reception packages and Busch Stadium in St. Louis is no different. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to show your love for the game.

Baseball wedding

6 Fun Ways to Have a Baseball Wedding

Check out these fun ways to incorporate the magic of America’s past-time into your wedding day celebration:

  1. Use Cracker Jacks or shelled peanuts in bags as reception favors. Of course, you probably wouldn’t want your guests to make a mess of your reception, so handing these out as a parting gift would be your best bet.
  2. Set up your seating like a playing field and label tables by position. Home plate will represent the head table. If you have more tables than positions, there’s no problem with doubling them up.
  3. Have your emcee announce your reception entrance like they would at the ballpark. You can really have fun with this one by playing organ music in the background and don’t forget to carry a bat on your shoulder.
  4. Baseball themed groom’s cakes are always fun. There’s no limit to what you can do with a groom’s cake.
  5. Your guests can sign a custom jersey, bat, or stack of baseballs as your guest book.
  6. Serve ballpark themed appetizers like mini hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, soft pretzels, and Coca Cola Classic in glass bottles.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, here’s proof that a baseball wedding can be very stylish. And these baseball invitations off Etsy are to die for.

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