About Us

Kristy and Tyler

STL Weddings is a local online wedding magazine and bridal directory.

The brand touches over 10,000 brides and grooms each month.

The website directory (featuring St. Louis wedding vendors) was founded by Kristy and Tyler Kelley in 2002.

The couple was married on June 15 of that year. It was a date which marked the end of two years of wedding planning.

In the early 2000s, the internet was still in its infancy and trying to find anything online was a challenge.

Tyler and Kristy experienced this first hand. “You had to search through 10 or more pages on Google just to compare a handful of photographers,” Tyler said, “and we did the searching.”

For two years, Kristy and Tyler Kelley searched out St. Louis wedding vendors on the web, and when they returned from their honeymoon the couple decided to share their research with other brides and grooms looking for an easy way to compare local wedding vendors. STL Weddings was born.

Today, the wedding-related site is among the most visited in the greater St. Louis region, and STL Weddings has garnered national attention with its original content via the Wedding Ideas, Honeymoon Tips, and Groom’s Role sections. Whatever you’re searching for… you are sure to find it here.

STL Weddings takes the guesswork out of planning a wedding in St. Louis, Missouri.